For over 20 years SP3 Diamond Technologies pioneered the development of CVD diamond technologies. The company has developed hot-filament reactors and processes that are allowing the practical application of diamond coatings in cost effective ways. SP3 coats for its customers: cutting tools, silicon wafers, electrodes, CMP pad conditioners, consumables used in semiconductor etching equipment, as well as many other products.

Today the company is comprised of a team of experts in the fields of chemistry, physics, material science, manufacturing, and finance, all of which play a role in its efforts to provide Best of Breed coating services. Based in Silicon Valley, the company has been fortunate to be able to build its team from some of the best and brightest in fields that matter to not only CVD diamond deposition, but to its practical application, in a way that enables our customers to have the best product in its category.

The company’s detailed understanding of the unique properties of diamond allows it to bring to market a wide variety of CVD diamond technologies for an increasing number of applications. Our ability to deposit diamond is a direct result of our proprietary CVD diamond reactor, process technologies, and our coating service capabilities.

Special note:

SP3 Inc. is the parent company of SP3 Diamond Technologies and is exclusively a coating services company. In 2007, SP3 Inc. divested of its cutting tool business by spinning out SP3 Diamond Cutting Tools as a separate and independent company.

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