CVD diamond is extremely durable under harsh conditions, and is the coating of choice for many wear applications, such as plasma etching chamber consumables.

CVD diamond is a strategically important coating material for numerous wear applications. These are applications when a solid substrate is subjected to extreme wear rates due to a sliding or moving contact with another surface, fluid, plasma, or other electrochemical material. Examples of these applications include:

  • plasma processing reactor consumables
  • focus rings
  • form tools
  • pivots
  • bearing seals
  • wire guides/dies
  • nozzles

Diamond is inherently inert – it is not affected by acids or other harsh chemicals. It has an extremely low wear rate and exhibits low birefringence indicative of low strain. Due to these characteristics, depositing a polycrystalline thin film diamond coating on wear parts and surfaces can significantly extend both their useful life and reliability.

SP3 Diamond Technologies’ proprietary reactors and process technologies enable customized and extremely smooth coatings on large substrates and numerous substrate material.

SP3 can successfully grow thin film CVD diamond on customer furnished items made of a wide variety of substrate materials and in a wide variety of shapes. SP3’s unique hot filament CVD process provides for uniform diamond growth over large areas (exceeding 350mm by 375mm), of smooth CVD diamond films.

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