SP3 offers diamond-on-silicon (DOS) deposition services for customer supplied silicon wafers, coated to customer’s specifications, to bring previously unachievable thermal conductivity or other capabilities to electronics applications. DOS leaves an exposed diamond surface for device developers, whether for active circuits or MEMS. The company also sells standard DOS wafers with various diamond grain characteristics and film thicknesses. These wafers can have microcrystalline or nanocrystalline films, and can be doped or un-doped.

DOS is a critical technology for device manufacturers increasingly struggling with materials for next generation devices. CVD diamond has been demonstrated to be both highly viable and cost effective for use in semiconductor manufacturing. The benefits of diamond enable many new micro and nanofabrication applications, including MEMS and traditional III-V devices, while its thermal conductivity and ability to be metalized also make it an ideal material for silicon semiconductor devices.

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