Boron-doped CVD diamond is extremely durable under harsh electrochemical conditions, and is a superior coating material for electrodes used in many applications.

CVD diamond, in the form of boron doped diamond (BDD) is an ideal coating for electrodes. BDD electrodes provide superior performance for various applications such as:

  • Water and waste water treatment (oxidation of organic contaminants)
  • Water disinfection (ozone production on electrode surface)
  • Production of strong oxidizers
  • Bio-electrochemical applications
  • Electro analytical applications
  • Photochemistry
  • Electro-synthesis (e.g. Fluorine gas production)

BDD coatings for electrodes offer lower erosion rates, longer lifetime, high electrical conductivity and improved signal to noise ratio. This is a consequence of its very wide potential window in aqueous and non-aqueous media, low background current and corrosion stability in chemically aggressive media.

SP3 Diamond Technologies proprietary reactors and process technologies enable customized BDD coatings on large substrates and numerous substrate materials.

SP3 Diamond Technologies brings the benefits of CVD diamond to electrode coatings in a unique way.  SP3 has extensive experience coating a wide variety of electrode substrate materials such as graphite, niobium, silicon, silicon carbide, titanium, and tungsten. SP3’s hot filament CVD process provides for uniform diamond growth over large areas (exceeding 350mm by 375mm), while its BDD process allows for the flexibility of a larger temperature range and customized boron concentration to accommodate customers’ specific applications.



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