CVD diamond coated cutting tools are now being used in many major markets, providing dependable and repeatable performance for machining an extensive list of materials.

CVD diamond coated cutting tools are a requirement of the many rapidly growing composite machining applications. The use of composite materials such as carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) is forecast to grow dramatically over the next 10 years as the Aerospace, Automotive, Wind Turbine, Sport & Leisure, Molds & Compounds markets utilize these materials for an increasing number of applications.

CVD diamond’s performance benefits are well documented for machining materials such as graphite, green ceramics, ceramic matrix composites, abrasive non-metallic materials, non-ferrous metals, abrasive non-ferrous metals, filled plastics, glass fiber composites, Kevlar composites, and CFRP. Its unparalleled hardness extends tool life significantly and makes CVD diamond ideal for round cutting tools and inserts.

SP3 Diamond Technologies extensive expertise in coated cutting tools allows us to work strategically with cutting tool companies as their trusted advisor for CVD diamond coatings.

With over 20 years of experience coating millions of cutting tools, SP3 Diamond Technologies has a deep understanding of the many variables that must be optimized in order to achieve top tool performance for each application. SP3 Diamond Technologies has spent over 3 years developing its 5th Generation of process technologies designed to be tuned to our customer’s requirements. It is our mission to enable cutting tools, manufactured and sold by our customers, with Best of Breed performance.

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