In the last 3-5 years, there has been a shift towards using CVD (chemical vapor deposition) diamond films directly on CMP (chemical mechanical planarization) pad conditioners for the 45nm node and below. A key driver has been the move towards Cu CMP and the fact that the wear properties and chemical inertness of diamond can accommodate the chemical/caustic aspect of the slurries. Not only are end-users developing pad conditioners using CVD diamond films to structure them for specific pad and slurry combinations, but they are also making use of advances in production equipment to continue to drive down costs.

SP3 Diamond Technologies’ extremely smooth CVD diamond nanocrystalline and microcrystalline films are highly suited for CMP pad conditioning. SP3’s CVD diamond films provide an excellent coating for harsh or demanding environments where the hardness of diamond, its extremely low coefficient of friction, its abrasion resistance and its excellent thermal properties, surpass all other alternatives.

In addition to providing CVD diamond coating services for CMP pad conditioners, SP3 also offers its proprietary DIAMOND DEPOSITION REACTORS for sale, and proprietary process technologies under license. SP3’s reactors and coating services are now being used by the majority of the CMP pad conditioner suppliers, and our technologies are being used in semiconductor fabs globally.

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