SP3 Diamond Technologies’ proprietary hot filament CVD reactors allows for the deposition of diamond films across a wide variety of materials.  SP3 Diamond Technologies offers the Model 655 (single chamber) and Model 665 (dual chamber) reactors for a number of applications. With over 20 years of experience in diamond deposition, SP3 has developed innovative manufacturing and material preparation processes, that when combined with our reactors, has resulted in Best of Breed diamond coated products.

The Model 655 and Model 665 Series Hot Filament CVD Reactors offer the industry-leading solution for manufacturing diamond films. The systems’ integrated process controller provides precise and repeatable diamond deposition in both R&D and production applications.

The Model 655 and Model 665 Series offer:

  • Excellent diamond thickness uniformity
  • Large deposition area
  • Consistent performance
  • Precise process control
  • Real-time control of process variables
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Supports 2D and 3D applications
  • Fast creation and editing of process recipes
  • Comprehensive process run data history

Model 655 and Model 665 Series CVD Diamond Deposition Systems combine proven hot-filament reactor technology with advanced controls to produce superior nanocrystalline and microcrystalline diamond coatings. Changes in process step parameters and step times can be utilized to alter nucleation density, growth rate, grain size and other characteristics to produce coatings with markedly different morphology. Small-grain coatings can be produced for finish applications or wear surfaces. Large-grain, thick coatings can be produced for rough cutting or long-life tool applications. No hardware or software modifications are required to switch from one type of coating to another, merely the selection of a different recipe. Each process can be tailored to provide the optimum coating for a given application, and this coating can be reproduced again and again. A multi-step (up to 58 discrete steps), recipe-driven controller ensures repeatable coatings with optimum characteristics in production, as well as a high degree of flexibility for developing coatings.

The proprietary (patented) filament assembly generates uniform energy distribution, operating at filament temperatures up to 2550°C and power levels up to 20W/cm². The deposition process is controlled by thermal management of both filament and substrate temperatures, in conjunction with closed-loop pressure and gas flow control. The gas distribution assembly allows control of the gas flow patterns in and around both the filament assembly and the substrates to optimize deposition rates, as well as coating uniformity and quality. Space is provided in the deposition chamber to avoid undesirable gas recombination at the chamber walls.

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