The selection of the best tungsten carbide grade is a very important step in developing the optimum solution for each material removal application.  With highly advanced microscopy and carbide compositional analysis tools, SP3 Diamond Technologies has developed and refined processes that are optimized for variations in tungsten carbide composition and structure.  These advanced processes assure exceptional and consistent diamond cutting tool performance.

For round tools, SP3 can coat micro-grain and fine-grain carbides, with 10% cobalt content for diameters less than 0.125 in. and with 6% cobalt content for all others. SP3 has qualified manufacturers’ carbide grades, and in certain cases optimized for specific grades. This optimization process is extensive and includes machine testing of coated cutting tools. The prioritization of optimizing carbide grades is customer driven. If we have not optimized your preferred grade please CONTACT US.

The process used by SP3 to coat inserts is very unique and proprietary. This allows us to coat a very wide range of carbide grades that are not normally capable of being coated with CVD diamond. In addition, we can coat these carbide grades with very thick coatings and exceptional adhesion that allows for unmatched performance.


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