SP3 has the capabilities to coat a wide variety of tungsten carbide inserts. Our unique process allows for superior performance due to very thick coatings with unmatched adhesion. This unique process also allows us to coat inserts made from an extraordinarily wide range of carbide grades not normally used for diamond. CVD diamond coatings can be utilized in many machining operations including turning, boring, milling, parting, grooving, threading, etc.

Tungsten Carbide inserts of all shapes and sizes are suitable for CVD Diamond coating, including those with multiple cutting tips. Tungsten carbide insert geometries that can be coated with CVD diamond include:

  • All ANSI/ISO insert styles – round, diamond-shaped (35, 55 and 80 degree), triangle, square – with or without chip breakers.
  • Custom insert styles.
  • Grooving, parting and notching style inserts.
  • Dual-faced inserts for milling cutters (Dapra/Millstar style) which are coated on both sides.
  • Threading inserts.
  • Boring bars.

Inserts with an equivalent ‘inscribed circle’ from 3/16in. diameter to greater than 1.0in. diameter can be coated with CVD diamond.  Typical insert thicknesses range from .093 inches to .250 inches, although thinner or thicker inserts can be accommodated. For inserts with precision mounting features, masking of the diamond film can be employed to prevent coating where dimensional tolerances prohibit it.


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