For Round Cutting Tools, SP3 provides three different CVD diamond coating types:

  1. Nano-Crystalline Diamond (NCD) which is an extremely smooth coating.
  2. Micro-Crystalline Diamond (MCD) which has grain sizes more typically used for machining graphite and green ceramics.
  3. Low-Stress NCD (LSNCD) which is an extremely smooth coating with minimized film stress.

These coatings are offered in 5 different standard thicknesses to enable customers to select the optimum coating for their round tool application and economic goals.  Very thin coatings, 3um – 6um, are intended to provide superior performance at price points that compete with DLC. Coatings in the range of 6um – 12um are typically used for applications, such as machining CFRP, where a balance must be struck between the quality of cut and tool life.  Thicker coatings of 12um – 21um will likely be required to machine highly abrasive materials such as hard carbon, carbon fiber composites, high silicon aluminums and metal matrix composites where tool life is of prime importance.

For inserts, SP3 supplies microcrystalline diamond coatings in four different thicknesses. Thinner coatings of from 12um – 18um are recommended for applications which are moderately abrasive or when workpiece finish is of primary importance. For highly abrasive applications, or for rough turning or milling, thicker coatings of from 30um – 50um are recommended.


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